280x bitcoin miner

If you’re familiar with our Bitcoin endpoints, you’ll 280x bitcoin miner right at home with our Ethereum API. However, there are a few differences, and they stem in part from the fundamental differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum. In a nutshell, Bitcoin is about decentralized, trust-minimizing, sound money. Ethereum is about decentralized, trust-minimizing, sound computation.

Much more detail about these differences can be read at the Ethereum Wiki here. You can find more information at the project’s webpage as well. For now, you’ll see cURL examples for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, but we’ll add SDK examples as we support them. Blockchain API: Endpoints to query general information about the Ethereum blockchain and its blocks. Address API: Query information about addresses, and generate addresses. Unless otherwise noted, all descriptions of direct HTTP requests will assume one of these base resources prepends it. But you can always see the full call in the cURL code sample.

Our API always returns values in wei, the lowest non-divisible unit in Ethereum. Please register for a user token if you want to use POST and DELETE calls. Once you have your token, you can append it to all your requests like any other URL parameter. If you exceed these limits, your requests will return an HTTP Status Code 429!