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Bitcoin ABC is a full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. RPC and DB changes: update today! This document contains information regarding the response to a critical bitcash bitcoin miner applicable to miners of Bitcoin Cash using Bitcoin-ABC 0.

You can help us by making a Bitcoin Cash donation. Hosted by Al Korelin, this radio and internet show was listened to by over 2 million people last year and provides an in-depth, unbiased look at asset-based investing. This week was another big one for markets. US equity markets show continued strength but look at the 10 year yield and oil which are at levels not seen since 2014.

All of these topics are covered in this week’s show. As a reminder I will be at the Cambridge House Resource Investment Conference on Sunday and Monday. If you are in Vancouver be sure to swing by and visit me at booth 1108. If you can not make the show but would like me to touch base with any companies be sure to email me with those company names and any questions you have.

Segment 1: Chris Martenson kicks off the show with comments on rising yields but still a flat yield curve. Segment 2: Epoch Times Business Editor Valentin Schmid, shares his thoughts on the volatility of Bitcoin and how he stays sane with his money in the sector. Segment 4: We wrap up the first hour with Byron King and how better economic data should be viewed for metals investors. Segment 5: Beware of the Media Big Al and Jeff Deist discuss their sources of choice for information. Segment 6: Jeff Pontius and Big Al discuss the importance of politics as it relates to investor sentiment. Segment 7: Big Al discusses the need for a third party with Professor Steven Nemerovski. Segment 8: We continue our discussion with Professor Steven Nemerovski focusing on specific political players and issues.

Exclusive Company Updates and Interviews This Week. Thanks as always for the Weekend Show fella’s. You are certainly all welcome, Skeeta. As I have said numerous times you and certainly our guests are keeping Big Al sane! What’s the vibe in North American shops at the moment?

Are people feeling buoyant, happy to spend money on things? Are people spending money in other perhaps newer brand shops? Just trying to get a guage of whether shoppers are indicative of a boom or coming recession? Bob, the clothing retailers are selling junk to the public that they buy at next to nothing from companies in countries like Bangladesh.

Interest rates are going up fairly quickly here but in small increments, they are desperate to keep their hands on the financial levers but they don’t know what is happening or we wouldn’t be in this mess. We live in a society where people don’t understand buying quality or backing a currency with gold. The illusionists are good at fooling people with cheap tricks and you know that magic is just that until you are told how it is done or you can’t be fooled anymore. Canadians econmies turning over or even flourishing? My aim being to try to find some more indication of whether this bubble in the stock-market may well continue for another 6 or 12 months. This Big Bull Market has become a national mania, where have we heard that before.