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I like to know what mock objects are in Java. Why do we create them and what are their uses? A Mock object is something used for unit testing. If you have an object whose methods you want to test, and those methods depend on some other object, you create a mock of the dependency rather than an actual instance of that dependency. This allows you to test your object in isolation.

If you’d like to unit test the controller, and the controller has a dependency on a DAO, you can make a mock of the DAO that will return dummy objects to your controller. One thing thats important to note is that its usually the case that mock objects implement the same interface as the objects that they are mocking – this allows your code to deal with them via the interface type, as if they are instances of the real thing. Well, the very word “mock” means “fake”. Sounds a bit better than “fake object”. Mock is an English word meaning “to mimic”, or “to imitate”. Mock objects imitate the dependencies of the object you are testing.