Bitcoin block informatics

ITH THE Bitcoin block informatics Mission: To connect professionals, developers, and students with tech industry experts from all around the world through an interactive online conference in order to improve their skills. With The Best is the biggest Online Conference Series for developers by developers.

Join leading CTOs and some of the most esteemed experts in software engineering for exclusive live coding sessions and benefit from individual mentoring. With The Best brings the world’s top developers directly to your home. Multiple thirty-minute sessions on the given topic with live coding or demos. Book a mentor for 25 minutes. A Forum where both experts and attendees can share knowledge, files and resources.

Access to recorded talks and Slideshare links guaranteed for 2 months via our platform. Research Scientist in Residence, Institute of Cybernetics Research, Inc. CTO and Co-Founder, nara logics, inc. Founder and CEO at DIM Network and Fango. Senior Software Engineer Quantstamp Technologies Inc. President of THEKEY BMDI International Foundation Ltd.

Nick Szabo is a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer known for his research in digital contracts and digital currency. University of Washington and a J. Michael Arrington is a serial entrepreneur, lawyer, business executive, writer, publisher, and information provider. 100-million crypto hedge-fund invests in blockchain technology and asset entities exclusively with the digital currency Ripple. Eric is currently the Founder and CEO of Hub. Before that, Eric co-founded two other Internet companies in the time management, collaboration, and mobile areas.

Leah Callon-Butler is a leading player on a team that’s helping provide the adult-media industry with the same level of trust and security that other industries take for granted. Vinny Lingham is co-founder and CEO of Civic. Toni is a founder of CULTU. In her work as a humanitarian and philanthropist, Casserly applies innovations of blockchain technology, using it, for one example, in the international response to the threat of an Ebola-virus epidemic in Sierra Leone. Joey Krug is co-founder and a core-developer of Augur, a prediction market system where investors buy shares in possible outcomes of real-world future events—like political elections, sports events, and The Academy Awards—and profit if the outcome they invest in is a match with what actually happens.