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Stay tuned when we launch, enter your email. Bitcoin Venture Capital has been working to connect Bitcoin Investors with Tech Startups willing to accept Bitcoin as payment for their work. Each connection is different, but in 2016 we would really like to focus on the Program and Project Management experience that BTCVC can lend to the funding process. Investors We will be sending out a quarterly newsletter where we will give you an opportunity to begin the negotiation process to begin funding your bitcoin startup. Bitcoin Based Startups We will be contacting you if you will be focused in the upcoming newsletter. We’ll run the blurb by you first so that you have some input just in case your situation has changed since submitting your startup.

BTCVC continues to work with entrepreneurs making strides in the emerging Bitcoin market. If you are interested in funding a startup please fill out our Investors Questionaire to be included in our Startup Portfiolio mailings. We are accepting BTC for use in “Angel Investor” projects. BTCVC has already select startups to fund from it’s initial BTC pool.