Bitcoin demo account

We found a CFD provider called plus500, who offer contracts on Bitcoin and a collection of other cryptocurrencies. 150 to try our luck at short selling Bitcoin. Yesterday, we decided bitcoin demo account trade the falling price of Bitcoin.

We opened a short position, which means we sold Bitcoin. Because of the  leveraged exposure, our return on deposit was magnified. As the price of Bitcoin kept falling, the profit on our short trade grew. Plus500 allows us to trade on our unsettled balances.

This means that as our trade became more profitable, we had more and more funds available to trade again. We decided to open another short trade on Bitcoin. As the price kept falling we kept opening new contracts. 150 of our own funds on deposit. Today we continued to short Bitcoin as shown from the below screenshot from the plus500 web app. As you can see, we have also opened a long trade on the Euro.