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Bitcoin forum ukhuwah the terms you wish to search for. An Indonesian man, one of two to be publicly caned for having sex, is whipped in Banda Aceh. Is Widodo just paying lip service to human rights? Pak Hidayat, husband and father of four, at his house in Surabaya’s northern district of Krembangan.

Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University said it issued the edict this week to more than three dozen niqab-wearing students, who will be booted from school if they refuse. Although niqabs are common in ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states, they’re rare in secular Indonesia, where around 90 per cent of its 260 million people have traditionally followed a moderate form of Islam. Arab export and some associate it with radical Islam, which the country has wrestled with for years. Yudian Wahyudi told a press briefing this week. The school, based in Indonesia’s cultural capital Yogyakarta, has some 10,000 students.

Another Yogyakarta-based institution, Ahmad Dahlan University, has also introduced a new prohibition on the niqab out of fears it might stir up religious radicalism, which has seen a resurgence on many of the nation’s university campuses. There will be no penalty for those who refuse, it added. Kasiyarno, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, told reporters Wednesday. Indonesia’s reputation as a bastion of progressiveness and religious tolerance has recently been tested by a government push to outlaw gay and premarital sex. The conservative lurch comes as once-fringe Islamic political parties move into the mainstream. The niqab has been at the centre of a heated global debate over religious freedom and women’s rights, with France the first European country to ban it in public spaces. Backers of the schools’ new rules said wearing a niqab is not a religious obligation.