Bitcoin gradle war

In his latest video he warns of a looming war on the horizon, a war with the government, banks, and financial institutions that has already begun. Banks have already declared war on us by denying us the ability to purchase crypto bitcoin gradle war credit cards.

One of the opening statements rings true with many since the credit card blockade four months ago. US and UK banks first initiated a ban and many exchanges implemented disproportionate fees by classifying credit card purchases as cash advances. Banks across the world are generally anti-crypto as the entire concept of decentralized money goes against the business model of a centralized bank which is to profit from the holding and moving of other people’s funds. A call to action follows with the first step being to write to your congressman. While this isn’t an option for most crypto traders the next piece of advice certainly is.

We still live in an age where fiat is used for most transactions and payments. The looming war on the horizon. This call to arms for crypto enthusiasts is wider reaching than just those in the US. Clampdowns from institutional powerhouses can only be fought with people power, and the more mainstream crypto becomes the more power the people have. This Declaration is an intellectual and ideological call to arms. It was written with the recognition that the newer possibilities that made the Bitcoin blockchain so powerfully intriguing were being strategically obscured by the older systems.

These old systems are maintained to keep the vast masses of humanity intellectually enslaved to measuring value according to rules they can not see, understand, or even acknowledge. 7,779 has poured cold water over the bull mood generated by the weekend’s positive price action and neutralized the immediate outlook. In the end, the failed breakout was no surprise, as low trading volumes had warned of a bull trap. Still, the overall outlook may be more neutral, with bitcoin creating a doji candle on the 4-hour chart above, signaling indecision in the marketplace.