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Trickbot, a banking Trojan family that has been around for bitcoin icon png connect time now, aims at stealing banking credentials from infected victims. Figure 2 depicts the flow of execution on opening the malicious DOC attachment and enabling the macros.

Macros contained in the Word document are depicted in Figure 3. The Trickbot script uses the . The download happens in the background. There is no download progress indicator, i.

The thread cannot be interrupted until the current download is complete or fails. These two domains were also found to host other malicious files as depicted in Figure 6. OS version, as well as an arbitrarily generated string to identify the bot and the campaign to which it belongs as depicted in Figure 7. It injects into the legitimate svchost process to modify the scheduled task for the next trigger as depicted in Figure 2.

Inside the code of the downloaded binary file The main binary component, a Visual C executable, is designed to decrypt the malicious code only at runtime. Decryption This piece of malware performs multiple layers of decryption before the final bad act. For those who are interested here’s a slightly more detailed explanation. These names are stored in encrypted form without any special character or entropy so as to avoid easy detection based on strings or entropy.