Bitcoin ig index

There’s no need for an exchange account, and you can go short as well as long. Ways to trade Choose from a variety of different ways to take a position on bitcoin, according to your trading style and preferences. Spread betting A tax-free way to speculate on both rising and falling forex bitcoin ig index, taking advantage of leverage.

2 Flexible, leveraged trading on margin, enabling you to go either long or short with no stamp duty to pay. Please note that in times of high volatility, our minimum spreads can increase significantly. Overnight funding charges Our annualised overnight funding rate is currently 0. At present, clients with a long position will pay this overnight funding rate, while clients with a short position will receive on the overnight funding rate. IG admin fee will also apply. What will this mean for my positions? If you are long, you will pay an annualised overnight funding charge of 0.

If you are short, you will receive an annualised overnight funding charge of 0. Holding a position in our other cryptocurrency pairs would result in you paying an overnight funding charge of 0. We will review our overnight funding charges frequently, and update our website and contract details with the latest rates. Wednesday, the daily interest credit or debit will be made for three days as opposed to one. This three-day adjustment covers settlement of trades over the weekend period. Adjustments will also be made in advance of Christmas and New Year holidays. Why can I sometimes not trade bitcoin?

Given the high demand and price increases, we may restrict any new orders to buy or sell cryptocurrency, both online and over the telephone. As we hedge client exposure in the underlying market, our interests are aligned with yours. However, due to the various risks and complexity involved in trading underlying cryptocurrencies, there’s a limit to the total amount of physical cryptocurrency we can hold as a business. We therefore need to reflect this by limiting the exposure that each client is allowed to maintain through CFDs and spread bets.