Bitcoin iphone wallpaper

Are hackers secretly using your phone to mine bitcoin? Read bitcoin iphone wallpaper: Are hackers secretly using your phone to mine bitcoin? Security experts have warned that Android owners who find their battery life failing could have had their phones hijacked by hackers using it to mine bitcoin.

They have found ‘rogue’ apps that allow hackers to mine for bitcoin in the background. Although Google has already removed dozens of the apps, security firm Lookout warns there could be more out there. DID YOU DOWNLOAD A ROGUE APP? Researchers say the key signs area rapidly depleting battery and a handset that feels unusually warm. Unknown sources’ is unchecked to prevent dropped or drive-by-download app installs. Download a mobile security app that protects against malware as a first line of defense. Your phone is running low on battery and it seems to be working harder than usual.

Would you ever suspect that it was secretly mining Bitcoin for someone you don’t know? The firm today revealed it found a piece of mobile malware in Google Play that quietly uses the phone’s processing power to create new coins. And yes, that is how the malware authors spelled ‘leprechaun’. We hope they were going for a clever play on the word ‘con. The malware comes in the form of a wallpaper app.