Bitcoin miner malware removal

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. XMRig CPU miner is a Trojan that uses victims’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. It might be used to mine Bitcoin, Monero, and a bunch of other digital currencies. There are only two major symptoms that indicate its successful entrance.

First, you might find the process associated with XMRig CPU miner in Task Manager. In addition, your computer might start working in an undesirable way. Specifically speaking, it might become very slow. In some cases, users who have antimalware software installed on their computers might start getting notifications saying that XMRig CPU miner is active on the system. How does XMRig CPU miner work? That is, they utilize victims’ CPU power to mine digital currency.

Needless to say, users do not know anything about that until they notice that their computers have become sluggish. It is not the only symptom showing that XMRig CPU miner is active on the system. If it ever successfully enters your computer, you might no longer be able to use certain applications. Where does XMRig CPU miner come from? It is hard to say how XMRig CPU miner has entered your system, but the most likely scenario is that it has entered your computer illegally. For example, it could have been installed next to other applications. Of course, there are people who download mining Trojans themselves from the web.