Bitcoin mining 2015 profitable home based

With Bitcoin’s mining difficulty going through the roof, you do have to wonder with all these different ASIC’s and FPGA’s about to launch, is it still profitable to continue mining? Would it still be profitable in the future? 257,557,984, which would be a 36. With the current exponential bitcoin mining 2015 profitable home based in difficulty, there must be a limit to it, right?

Wrong, at least in the near future. As long as Bitcoin’s price remains stable or continues it’s steady price growth, more miners will continue flooding the network. Not to mention the thousands of Terrahash units coming online in January-February would cause the difficulty to increase like crazy. In the beginning, CPUs were good enough for mining. Then came GPUs, but CPUs could also be used.

Then came FPGAs as CPUs stopped being profitable. Then ASICs came in, with GPUs becoming less profitable. It is only a matter of time for a newer type of miner to be developed, a much faster and cheaper miner, for it to be profitable. Or of course, if Bitcoin’s price went through the roof, or if ASIC prices lowers dramatically. Even though Scrypt coins can’t be mined using ASICs, the rewards may still be worth your time. Litecoin is still way more profitable than Bitcoin, at a tune of 603.