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Is this the fabled Paddington Bear 50p coin? Why is my neighbour able to download films at a much faster rate than I can? Is now a good time to bitcoin mining machine s76 a lifetime mortgage? Do you have pogs worth a mint at home?

1 Neanderthal skull coin that I found in my change really ‘ultra rare’ and worth thousands? Is the AA ditching its traditional yellow vans? Could these new bond funds protect your portfolio from interest rate rises? SALLY HAMILTON: My one big financial regret? I cashed out my Isas and lumped half of it in Bitcoin’: LEE BOYCE on a conversation with a taxi driver that reveals how far the boom has reached By Lee Boyce for Thisismoney. Recently I was in a taxi and as one does in such close quarters, began chatting to the driver about life. Upon asking my profession, where conversation often heads, he proceeded to tell me lightly about his finances and frustration trying to find an income.

I have taken all of my money out of Isas, I’m fed-up with the low rates from the banks’ he said, animated. I knew where this chat – and his cash – was heading. The B-word, which has somehow pushed Brexit into second place. I have put half of it in Bitcoin,’ he added, glancing in his rear view mirror, perhaps seeing if I was shocked or aghast at his decision.

I was intrigued more than anything to find out what prompted his decision. 16,000 a coin – or 70 per cent in a week – so the move, at present, has been a wise one. You cannot move for noise about Bitcoin. The amount of correspondence I’ve had about cryptocurrencies in the last month has also rocketed. It’s a complete and utter feeding frenzy, which fuels worry about online currencies. Many suggest they are taking money out of their tax-free Isa wrappers.