Bitcoin mining machinery images

Do you see a bus on this picture? What can be more larger scale than the biggest world open pit coal mine in Bitcoin mining machinery images built in Soviet times as the biggest Soviet open pit coal mine? This open-pit mine was built from 1965 to 1979.

1985 it has reached this number for the first time bringing 56. 8 million tons of coal in twelve months! Because it’s so big and so productive they have even put it into the Guiness record book same year. Alexander says that their main purpose of the visit was not the mine itself but the giant bucket wheel excavating machines like the one on the pic above. He says that the German machine builders have made super giant excavators for this place on special order in 1972 and 1973. This monster can produce 5,000 tons of coal each hour! Alexander says that when he first saw this giant tracks he remembered a huge tracked machine from the Star Wars episode IV.

This is a real self-moving ship! It has got all sort of rooms: machine rooms, rest lounges and the myriad of different ladders and cables. Twenty seven people serve one machine here. Some parts of this giant is radioactive and the sign is posted!

Nobody could explain me what exactly in these giants is radioactive! Two of the giants were modernized in 2009-2010 and you see they got computerized vision and control. This is how it rolls, or how it mines for actual coal. It’s strucking silent inside of it while its mining!

Check Krupp Bagger 288, looks much bigger. I think so that the layer is measured on the belt. Nice photos, but I question the biggest I think you will find the German Bagger 288 is the biggest. Or was he saying the open pit mine was the biggest, in which case it isn’t there is one in Minnesota USA which is the biggest in the world. How long is the longest wire? How long does it take to replace?