Bitcoin mining photographs

This is a collection of photographs of machinery at work. Here the vehicles don’t look like those from bright catalogues. Their look corresponds to the bitcoin mining photographs conditions they have to work under.

Maximum speed of the BelAZ is 55 kmh. But no matter how slowly it runs, it’s still very impressing. Much of the photos are of Norilsk, arguably the worst polluted territory on the planet. This is a truly nasty place. I think you just posted the best picture series on ER ever! I’ve seen most of the content on this site and I swear this ranks in the top 3 or 5. I can’t put my finger on it, but these pictures are pure magic.

The construction machinery plays 2nd stage to the background. I don’t even like construction machinery all that much. The photographer is extremely talented, nevertheless. That EKG-8 looks like it just gave up, rolled over and died, like it was a horse or something.