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XZC, whether mining ZCoin is profitable or not, best mining software for zcoin, best mining pool for Zcoin and much more. In this website I’ll write about Mining Guides, Crypto News and other crypto related stuff. Different Methods to Mine ZCoin 2. Best Miner to Mine ZCoin : Bitcoin mining server farm google Software 4.

Most Profitable Coin to Mine With GTX 1080 Ti 7. Zero Coin is a privacy coin which uses Zerocoin Protocol for its operations. This coin is about a year old and currently ranked 107 on Coinmarketcap. We all know privacy coins are gaining momentum hence buying some ZCoin is surely the right thing to do now. You all must have heard about Bitcoin before, but the main problem with bitcoin is slow transactions and privacy. Hopefully Bitcoin transaction speed will increase with segwit2x.

Privacy problem can’t be solved as of now. All information is stored in public ledger and anyone can access it, its how bitcoin works. To solve privacy problem of  bitcoin we have Zcoin. This coin is much similar to Monero,Zcash,Pivx,etc. Check the video below to know more about Zcoin. If you have a mining farm and possess a lot of hashing power then follow this Zcoin Solo Mining Guide . Solo mining is for advance users and people with lots of hashing power otherwise it might take long to see any return.

In this article I will let you know how to mine Zcoin on Pool. Keep reading and you’ll know all about it shortly. Pool mining is for those people who don’t have enough hashing power. I also mine Zcoin on pool with 7X1080 Ti rig. Zcoin can be mined with CPU or GPU. People with Nvidia or AMD GPU can use Pool or Solo mining.