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Using below table, you can check how profitable it is to mine selected altcoins in comparison to ethereum. Please note bitcoin mining wiki nl calculations are based on mean values, therefore your final results may vary. For best results fill all fields with your hash rate and power consumption.

Input Groestl hash rate, not Myriad-Groestl. Default values are adapted for three 480 cards. This post will provide a quick overview of our new Maltego transforms for visualizing the Bitcoin blockchain. There are 11 new transforms in the seed which use Blockchain.

API to query data from the blockchain. Screenshot’s in this post are taken with the Maltego 4 beta release. Bitcoin addresses are transaction endpoints that are used to send Bitcoin to another person. A Bitcoin wallet is a file that contains a collection of private keys that are used to generate bitcoin addresses associated with the wallet. Ownership of these private keys allows the user to spend bitcoin that have been sent to associated addresses.

Naturally these private keys should be kept private. A transaction is a transfer of Bitcoin value that is broadcast to the network and collected into blocks. A transaction typically references previous transaction outputs as new transaction inputs and dedicates all input Bitcoin values to new outputs. Transactions are not encrypted, so it is possible to browse and view every transaction ever collected into a block.

Addresses are not wallets and technically do not have a balance. However most blockchain explorers that you find online will specify an address’s balance as the amount of Bitcoin that the address has received minus the amount of Bitcoin the address has sent. A single Bitcoin address is only intended to be used for a single transaction, however a lot of the time people will reuse addresses. Address reuse has numerous associated problems including making it easier for people to identify the owner of a particular address. Some Bitcoin services allow users to add tags and meta information about addresses that they know. The Bitcoin transforms include two new entity types, namely a Bitcoin Address and a Bitcoin Transaction. This transform will return additional information about a specific Bitcoin address and adds this information to the address entity’s┬ádetail view.