Bitcoin php class tutorial

PHP was built on the principles of functions instead. Basic support for classes was first introduced in version 4 of PHP but then re-written for version 5, for a more complete OOP support. Classes can be considered as a collection of methods, bitcoin php class tutorial and constants.

They often reflect a real-world thing, like a Car class or a Fruit class. You declare a class only once, but you can instantiate as many versions of it as can be contained in memory. An instance of a class is usually referred to as an object. If you’re still a bit confused about what classes are and why you need them, don’t worry. In the next chapter, we will write our very first class and use it. Hopefully that will give you a better idea of the entire concept.

It will hold information about a generic user, for instance a user of your website. A class definition in PHP looks pretty much like a function declaration, but instead of using the function keyword, the class keyword is used. This is as simple as it gets, and as you can probably imagine, this class can do absolutely nothing at this point. Okay, there are a couple of new concepts here. First of all, we declare two class variables, a name and an age. The variable name is prefixed by the access modifier “public”, which basically means that the variable can be accessed from outside the class. We will have much more about access modifiers in one of the next chapters.