Bitcoin racist fraternity

The fraternity that became embroiled in controversy after a grainy cell phone video went viral showing members from the University of Oklahoma singing a racist chant on a bus has released the findings of an investigation it undertook to understand and address diversity issues within the organization. At least two Oklahoma students were expelled after the video went public. The SAE report said the frat denied making up the chant, but noted the national fraternity had created a new position, director of diversity and inclusion, which it said is the first such staff role established by a North American fraternity bitcoin racist fraternity sorority.

There will never be a n—– at SAE. The University concluded through its own investigation the fraternity members had learned the song at a national leadership event four years earlier. The event, a cruise organized by the national office, reportedly taught the students the chant as a part of the formal and informal pledge process. The Oklahoma chapter of SAE was shut down last March 8. Copyright 2018 Newsweek Media Group All Rights Reserved.

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