Bitcoin sniper scam

The bitcoin sniper scam information comes directly from the United States Department of Justice and from Dinar Daily. The source for the information is posted below.

Tony is not allowed to make any calls related to the Iraqi Dinar and will be starting his one year prison term within two weeks. Afterwards, he will be on a supervised release for three years. 6 Million Internet Fraud KANSAS CITY, KAN. 6 million in restitution to the victims. The business was promoted to buyers in the Kansas City metro area. Investors paid a membership fee and were promised a 14 percent daily return on their money for clicking on advertisers’ Web sites for a certain period of time each day.

Renfrow held regularly scheduled conference calls with investors via telephone and Internet to lull them into believing the program was legitimate and returns on investments were being paid as promised. In truth, there was no investment vehicle and the promise of a 14 percent daily return was completely unrealistic. Postal Inspection Service, the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office, the California Attorney General’s Office and Assistant U. Attorney Scott Rask for their work on the case. Thank you Sherif for doing the video and provided below. Represented were Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas.

What follows is to the best of my ability to capture the gist of the court sentencing. Court transcript will be made available in about 7 to 10 days according to the Federal Prosecutor. Judge asks again if Tony understands the PSI. This time Tony replies with a head node and a yes. C1C plea agreement: if the court does not accept Tony’s plea agreement: Tony will withdraw his plea motion and go to trial.

Judge states that the Federal Guidelines dictate that for the 1 count against him and his past felonies he should serve 78 to 97 months. Tony is considered to be a Class2 because this is not his first time being found guilty of similar crimes. The Federal Government stepped forward and cleared that statement with the following facts: William Fox did a change of venue to that of Southern California and will not be sentenced until mid-March of 2016. The Judge brings up the PSI and numerous letters from the dinar community that were written to him or the courts directly informing them of the TNT calls in which he is still following his pattern of bad behavior.

Federal prosecutor then states they were fine with the plea agreement because is would take the government a lot of time and expense to go through all 202 known victims and try the crime in Federal Court. The Judge brought up the defendants history and character which must be considered and brought into the equation. At this point the court turns off the PA system and all one could was hear is static or white noise to keep a private sidebar between the Judge and another individual in the court room. This is to be shared with William Fox paying as well. And then the judge dropped the bombshell on Tony and told him he is to have no currency involvement for the next 4 years and 1 day.

The same thing he did in 14daily with calls he is doing currently with currencies. He will see, he will see, the truth will come out! I will see to it you get transcripts. I and others stopped the Federal Prosecutor to discuss a couple things the judge had said and we were told that the government does not have the resources to watch and track all that he is doing. Federal Prosecutor told us that if the dinar community witnesses him violating any portion of the plea agreement to contact him and he would see to it that it is brought to light.