Bitcoin surfacing

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Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Please include your IP address in your email. The cryptocurrency industry has always attracted speculators and market makers. George Soros is looking to trade various cryptocurrencies. The Soros Fund Management venture internally approved the trading of virtual coins in the past few months. A similar sentiment can be heard in camp Rothschild. This particular family is best known for their close-knit ties with banks and other financial institutions.

As such, one wouldn’t expect them to give Bitcoin a second glance. In reality, it seems this family has been active in cryptocurrency trading for quite some time now. 2017 when Rothschild began purchasing cryptocurrency through GBTC. Buying into a major Bitcoin Trust is pretty significant, even for this family’s legacy. Bitcoin is still extremely volatile, but it seems most of the bearish market pressure has subsided. After last year’s crazy run, things have returned to a more normal level for investors.