Bitcoin trading tutorial

Bitcoin trading tutorialĀ and start to trade your Cryptocurrencies on this Exchange platform. Binance is a new Exchange platform that was launched in July 2017. It’s already part of the 5 biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the world, after only a few months.

Bitcoin, or any other Cryptocurrency avaible on Binance, to trade it with other Cryptocurrencies. 2 and payed directly with BNB. Binance is very easy to use, even if you are new to the Cryptocurrency or trading world. The website is constantly improving, the team is adding a lot of content and the support is quite quick, compared to many other platforms.

Over 100 Cryptocurrencies are avaible for trading. Once you are on the website, it’s very easy. Click on “Register” on the top right or on “Create Account” in the center of the page. An E-mail with a confirmation link will be sent to your address. You can also click on “Skip for now”, and do it anytime later. You can deposit Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency that is avaible on Binance. You will have to click on “Funds” on the top of the page and choose “Deposits Withdrawals”.