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Вы сможете увидеть карту ближайших тайников. Найдите тайник С помощью приложения найдите тайник. Не забудьте взять с собой ручку! To all of my blog readers: I wish you a happy, healthy and loving 2015 ! I could wish you a prosperous new year but prosperity is useless in the absence of happiness, health and love. As The Beatles once sang: Can’t Buy Me Love.

Money still can’t buy you a good health as many rich people have learned along the way. And why is it that rich people tend to look less happy than poor people ? The more you own, the more you need to protect. It is much more difficult to steal happiness, health and love as these treasures are well hidden deep inside of us. Thus I wish you a happy, healthy and loving 2015 ! While I consider myself as religious, I have no shadow of a doubt that Church and State should not overlap each other. Does that imply that I am against either one?

For me it is entirely clear that any State controlled by any religion is moving backwards rather than making any progress. In my view, even American politics are too much guided by religion and especially by human interpretations of religious views. In Europe we have political parties based upon religion. At least then you know what you choose for during elections. In my view, Religion and State cannot even live without each other as they provide some kind of checks and balances towards each other.

The State should be aware of religious extremism while Religion should monitor the State’s moral values. The problem with both Religion and State is mankind. Both Religion and State are too often used by individuals for personal gain and power. That is why we need both in order to have some balance in the lives of many citizens.