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Setting up an account is easy. Follow the link provided and fill out the form with your personal details. After verifying your account, you can start trading with any of our brokers. Quick and Easy Transaction We strive to make every transaction as fast as possible, which is why we work with some of the most trusted and experienced traders in the industry.

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Contact us for any questions or concerns. How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada? Litecoin, released in 2011 is is a peer-to-peer virtual currency aimed at offering instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. 4 for cryptocurrency Market Cap, will we be seeing improvements following the news that its founder Charles Lee will be leaving Coinbase to re-focus on Litecoin development? Order Now’ button below to kick-start your cryptocurrency registration, it takes just 2 minutes to register. Once approved, your dedicated LTC broker will be in touch to discuss a tailored, competitive quote, allowing you to receive your order from within just 60 minutes. Need help from a dedicated broker?

Litecoin’s ultimate aim was to improve upon and reduce the lag and bottlenecks we can often see with Bitcoin. It generates network blocks 4 x faster than Bitcoin, taking an average of 2. 5 minutes for the entire process vs. Confirming transactions faster enables LTC to handle an increased volume of transactions, a feat BTC cannot match without heavy coding updates across everyones code on the network.

Your capital and investment is always at risk. Any investment that you make into a cryptocurrency may go up or down, resulting in a lower ROI. We advise all customers to perform due diligence, research and homework before making any order. Cryptopay provides a straightforward way to send money around the globe via blockchain. Enjoy the benefits of the bitcoin payment network—instant, global, secure and free payments—without the risks and price volatility. Send money to almost anyone in the world with internet access. No matter where they are, they’ll be happy to get your message.

The recipients can order a Cryptopay prepaid card and withdraw money they’ve received from any ATM instantly. With our service, you’ll be able to send and receive money with anyone, anywhere. Cryptopay Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales registration number 08730592. For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, Cryptopay Ltd is registered the ICO with number ZA029520. You need to Register or log in in order to make a purchase. Most Euro-denominated banks can do this. Patience – SEPA payments can take 48 hours or even longer to arrive.

You cannot pay using this method until you register. A Euro bank account in the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer system. This is a new system and only supported by a few banks. A Visa or Mastercard that is in your name. You cannot pay using this method until you register an account with us.

This payment method is not available at present. Look above for the reason why. You need to purchase a larger amount. See above for the minimum purchase amount. At the moment, you need to create an account in order to purchase.

Are you sure you wish to continue? Promise of a full refund if the payment arrives late. Prompt support during the UK working day. Industry best practices followed when it comes to AML and KYC. Please apply if you have:A bank account that can accept quick bank transfers online.

We support the world’s major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, the Russian rouble and various Cryptocurrencies. Funds can be instantly exchanged between currencies at market rate. Additional optional client security measures – ensure the safety of our services. Send any currency to friends, family members or business associates as many times as you want, 24 hours a day FOR FREE! 24 Hour Customer Support Our customer support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click on the live support tab once you’ve logged into your account.