Bitcoin vps

The smallest investment needed to start with this Provider, which includes bitcoin vps costs. Consists of offers with weekly, monthly and yearly billing cycles. All prices are converted into US Dollars to zero decimal places.

Yearly costs of the plan with the lowest cost per month. We are the team of Swiss based cryptocurrency enthusiasts and web hosting professionals who focus on providing secure and private services for decentralized currencies economy and environment. TIER-1 upstream providers, dual power source with UPS, diesel generators and automatic switchover, multilayer IP packet filtering solution allow us to provide unmatched DDoS protected hosting with highest availability at a very reasonable price. Hosting for Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and Nextcoin are accepted here. Over thirty configurations to cope with virtually any task. DDoS Attack Protection Professional remote and on-site protection from all types of network and application layer DDoS attacks. For cryptocurrency-based bussinesses of all sizes.

Based on our vast experience in the area of detecting and fighting against malicious traffic, we have developed proprietary techniques that are capable of mitigating against all types of DDoS attacks with a success rate of 99. Focus on your core Bitcoin business, we will do the tricky hosting and security part. Zurich with multiple upstream providers, IXP access and fully redundant power source is at your service. South Korean National Assembly Committee Proposes Lifting Domestic ICO Ban Despite the risks associated with Initial Coin Offerings, the trend has become extremely popular in areas throughout the world. In an effort to reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering and tax avoidance, several countries have banned ICOs. South Korea was one of these, as the Financial Services Commission, a government department in-charge with financial policies and supervision, banned domestic ICOs in September 2017. Now, recent reports indicate that the South Korean National Assembly has proposed the idea of lifting the ban placed on domestic ICOs.