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Employees can make and receive calls from a physical telephone or computer, from wherever they have a broadband Internet connection. It’s easy to connect virtual offices or remote office locations as employees working on your business’s VoIP bitwars bitcoin system are all connected as if they were in one physical office location.

VoIP systems allow your management staff to monitor calls. A call center manager can listen to calls or can talk so that only the agent can hear what they say. Make it Easier for Your Customers to Reach You VoIP technology allows you to get virtual phone numbers that connect to your various business lines. This means that if your business is based in the US but you service customers in the UK, you can assign a local UK numbers so your UK-based customers can easily reach you without having to incur long-distance charges.

This makes your support and services instantly local, even if your company is global. Increase Productivity A recent survey conducted by Sage Research showed that VoIP telephony dramatically improved productivity, adding up to 3. 9 hours per week, per employee. VoIP can increase productivity in a multitude of ways.