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We can see from the flow of questions we receive that many of you are passionate about the future and the next step for Nova Exchange! Of course we want to keep you in the loop on what is up next for Nova! The ambition is to open deposits in ALL currencies as soon as possible, but that might take a few weeks. After that, our plan is btcx bitcoin price onboard most of the latest top 20 forks and coins that are currently not represented on Nova.

Then we want to open the gates for new costumers and new coins, so please let all your crypto friends know, that if they are patient, they will, in a not too distant future, trade on a new, faster, safer, and better looking Nova Exchange! If you have any questions, please let us know in the trollbox, or shoot an e-mail to our support! We sure have our work for the next 20 days or so cut out for us. It has come to our attention that the Bid Price v. Ask Price has a very large spread. As you know from our previous statement we are reopening deposits for you all ANY MINUTE NOW. As we strive to keep Nova free from scams and broken assets we have red-flagged 30 assets to be delisted.

AXF, BCOIN, BTCD, COOC, DMB, ENZO, ERSO, FAL, GAME, GILL, JEDI, KASHH, LSC, MEOW, PWC, PYY, QTL, REV, RUP, SBC, SCORE, SK21, SPAR, SURGE, TOR, TSH, TYCHO, ULA, UTB, VUC, XGOX, XYZ, XZC, YES, ATCC, BCC, NLG, HMC, KBC, OHM, LCC, BRO and PTC. However, there are more assets to be processed, and some are likely to be delisted. As usual, all Nova traders will have 30 days notice counting from the date the asset was red-flagged. To avoid new deposits transferred to any assets being delisted, we will add those being processed to the current group flagged for delisting. To keep things as fair and simple as possible we will red-flag all coins currently in review process for delisting in 30 days from today, 28 May. We encourage traders to do their own research.

We will never stop working for Nova the be best place to make great profits, by trading with great assets. 2018-05-25 17:06 – Keep helping us by sending us working nodes! Dear Nova people and Crypto community. We flagged some assets for delisting and asked you to get in touch with us on lonely nodes, and non-functioning wallets, of the assets about to be delisted. MAGI will now continue be traded on Nova Exchange. Stay tuned for deposits opening on monday 28 may, afternoon CET. All the wallets with warnings on balance page are either missing nodes on the network or there have not been any new blocks found for a long time.

That will help all people who want to make withdrawal. Finally we have tremendous news to share with you. Later on you will be welcome to make deposits in other currencies. We are big on keeping our promises so this is what we want to promise you today.

We are very gratetful to have your trust and your patience. Following the re-start of Nova Exchange, some assets will be de-listed. This means that if you hold one of these assets you will have a 30-day window starting today to withdraw funds. Holders of assets to be de-listed have a 30-day window to withdraw funds and close their holdings.

After the 30-day window closes, the asset will be void and funds will be forfeited. Dear customer, we’d like to take this time to thank you for your patience. Switching ownership, and handing over the daily operations, of a crypto exchange is a lot of work and there is not many with experience from it, out there. We’re working around the clock to get everything in order. For the unidentified account holder there will be a limit for withdrawal of 500 US dollars per day and customer. We realise that this is an inconvenience, of course we do, but this is a necessary step to keep Nova in business, and growing! Scratch functions are discontinued and shut down.

We’re sorry but us the new owners would need a gambling license to keep those features going. We might be forced to shut down completely if we did. We will be accepting deposits real soon now. It is a matter of weeks.

Only the users that was able to register before we stopped registration in the end of 2017 and who has also accepted the new ToS of the new owners are now able to login. New owners will decide when to enable deposits, new user registration and start listing new coins. We hope you will enjoy the service from the new management and support team! Thank you for staying with Nova Exchange! The world is moving towards a glorious future in crypto. You who are with us now are true pioneers!