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Blockchain transaction verification Blockchain transaction verification, 0. Crypto assets and canhas bitcoin technology are about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity to the Internet of Things.

Blockchain technology is about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity, from health care to our Internet of Things devices. In this podcast, host Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. Tune in to find out how Web 3. 0, the decentralized web, will revolutionize our world. CoinAPI is a platform which provides fast, reliable, and unified API to access real-time or historical data from cryptocurrency markets.

We are integrating all cryptocurrency exchanges, and deliver acquired data in both raw or preprocessed forms to our customers using a single, simple API. How will market data be delivered when I connect from North America? Our infrastructure is designed to deliver data with the shortest possible network path between you and the exchange. This means that when you establish a connection from North America to CoinAPI, you will receive data from North America collocated exchanges without your network path leaving the continent.

Simultaneously, you will receive data from other exchanges via a shorter off-shore path. What happens if I exceed my plan’s daily request limit? There are also hard limits on paid plans, but these are placed much higher than the limits defined in our pricing. What are the restrictions on usage of real-time protocols? Real-time streaming protocols are restricted by the data types available for subscription via the protocol and are limited to the single concurrent connection for the period of the month. The Enterprise plan agreements are custom tailored. How long does it take to integrate CoinAPI?