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DAILY BRIEFING: German factory orders fall 2. THE PRUDENT INVESTOR: Carte bitcoin calculator I’m ditching lousy fund managers who can’t even beat a robot!

I fought the L’Or and the L’Or won. Read this: I fought the L’Or and the L’Or won. Those of us of a certain age may remember a playground joke that went like this: when is a door not a door? If you’ve never heard it or have forgotten the punchline, consider yourself lucky. But here’s a clue: the modern equivalent of this ‘joke’ might be: when is a jar not a jar? The answer: when it’s a sneaky trick dreamed up by product confusion consultancy Faecus and Rectavia to fool us now ex-customers into thinking we were getting a bargain. Against the L’Or: one of these is an imposter.

165g is not a regulation size but was snuck on the shelf where the big jars usually go and made to look like the usual special offer. Instant coffee comes in 100g or 200g jars. That’s been the law since the first crop of Arabica beans was put through a clever sublimation process and freeze dried. Yeah I know that corner shops do little emergency-sized, hate-priced jar-ettes of Nescafé brown blend for people who wake up to an empty cupboard and can’t function without a fix. Now enter Jacobs Douwe Egberts into the equation. On closer inspection the big jar on the shelf at Morrisons was 165g and not the expected 200g. Jacobs Douwe Egberts unsurprisingly owns the Douwe Egberts coffee brand.