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The world’s best and longest running Cryptocurrency price API provider. DISCLAIMER ANY ACCESS AND Cointrader bitcoin OF THE API AND OUR DATA IS SOLELY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If an endpoint requires special permissions the level required will be outlined on the endpoint.

The API key used to authenticate requests to these endpoints must be of the correct level to gain access. Authentication The majority of our API is free to use. However, certain endpoints require authentication that requires registration and the generation of an API Key. Please Sign Up to create a key pair. Access to our API is rate limited depending on the users plan.

Signing Any request that is made using an API Key must be signed, you can create an API Key pair in your account. This is an integer value representing the unix epoch. Note: On some systems the timestamp is generated as 123541. 123, a decimal value, make sure to convert this to integer i. Step 2 – The payload needs to be HMAC encrypted with the sha256 algorithm using your API secret key that corresponds to the given public key in the payload. This value is the raw bytes value.

Step 3 – Finally we can compose the value that needs to be used in the X-signature header. We are looking to expand the languages we support, if you are interested in helping out please get in touch! Constants Endpoints to return active symbols, exchange rates and time for use in other endpoints where required. Supported Currencies Our APIs support 4 sets of symbols.

When requesting any price related endpoint you will need to specify which set of symbols your required symbols resides in. APIs, please take the time to ensure you are aware of where and why they reside. Below you can find descriptions for each symbol_set. This set provides global symbols that are derived from the Local currency markets.

Symbols supported in this set will comprise a Cryptocurrency against approximately 170 fiat currencies. This set includes Cryptocurrencies that are actively traded to a fiat currency on an exchange. These are also known as our Currency Markets. This set includes any Token that is not in itself a coin or crypto, and instead resides on top of another blockchain such as Ethereum. Returns a list of symbol sets and supported symbols for ticker endpoints. Returns a list of symbol sets and supported symbols for historical data endpoints. Returns a list of supported symbols for exchange ticker endpoints.

Returns a list of supported symbols for exchange historical data endpoints. Crypto Metadata We provide metadata for Cryptocurrencies including their Market Caps. This is a new endpoint and will be expanding over the coming months. This endpoint returns metadata and market information for all suppported symbols. Price Data We provide a single Global index, Local or currency market indices, Cryptocurrency indices, and Token price data. All endpoints in this collection require the symbol_set parameter to be provided in the URL. If no query parameters are sent, then returns ticker data for every supported symbol.