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Daily bitcoin price can I buy a Bitcoin? Imagine your birthday, Christmas and Easter all at once. Tax Day, dictates a deadline for self-assessed tax payments to be made by, to the IRS. This year, it falls on the 17th of April.

Therefore, heading in to Tax Day, things really aren’t looking that promising. As we know the IRS are clamping down on the taxation of cryptocurrency assets in the wake of the 2017 and therefore the IRS are expecting many returns from people who benefited from the market boom. 25billion worth of capital gains which are taxable within the USA. 114,314,049,252, that’s quite a significant chunk of money. Many people who made lots of money on cryptocurrencies in 2017 likely don’t have the cash on hand to cover their capital gains taxes, so they may need to sell additional cryptocurrency holdings in order to raise the cash to pay the IRS. Rightfully, Frankel describes that this isn’t the case for everyone and indeed, it is not but I also believe that many people will be finding themselves in a bit of a predicament leading up to next weeks deadline.