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Just like in the video game industry on which they are based upon, this new and exciting type of spectator sport is constantly growing in popularity as more and more gamers either starting to compete on a professional dota 2 bitcoin, or starting watching and following the E-Sports scene. In this type of an environment, it is completely expected that no single game lasts too long on the throne of popularity.

But, during the last few years, one E-Sports video game broke the mold. This game is called Defense of the Ancients, but most people simply know it as DOTA. Here are the most important facts about the heavyweight contender in the E-Sports arena. Best BTC betting site for e-sports.

Game Essentials Defense of the Ancients was created in 2003, right after the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The Blizzard game was used as the basic engine for the first Dota game, where it was molded and created as a so-called mode, meaning that it used all the original gameplay and gaming mechanic, but changed the basic dynamic of the game. Instead of a classic real-time strategy, Dota was reshaped into a multiplayer online game in the genre of a battle arena, but also one that kept a strong feel of a role-playing game, where players can collect experience points and have other RPG features. As for the gameplay itself, the players were given opposing sides of a map and control over a single avatar, called a Hero, in this case, one of the characters from the Warcraft III. Aside from an avatar which was under their direct control, players were given limited possibilities to build their defenses and other buildings from where they would be able to recruit reinforcements, attain upgrades and so forth.

In a very limited amount of time, Dota became a planetary hit in the multiplayer domain. Soon, it spontaneously mutated further into a spectator E-Sport, with millions tuning in on streaming services to watch tournaments and matches. Dota 2 came out in 2013 and brought about even more advancements while it remained a Free to Play game just like its original edition. Today, it is usually played between two opposing teams, each with five players, who battle for the chance to destroy the opposing team’s Ancient building and win the game. Of course, the game can be played in a variety of styles and tactics. DOTA 2 Following and Popularity Dota 2 is the most popular E-Sport in the world, with over 10 million active players as of 2015 and at least ten times that amount of active viewers and sports fans.

Dota 2 sports community currently includes the biggest tournaments when it comes to prize money. Of course, the presence of these incredible sums attracts the best E-Sports competitors in the world. The International Dota 2 Championship of 2015, often known only as the International, includes a prize pool of 18 million US dollars while growing competitions like Dota 2 Asian Championships attracts even more money into the sport. As of 2015, the collective amount of prize pool money in Dota 2 exceeded 26 million US dollars. Betting Sites Offering DOTA 2 Odds There is no doubt that Dota 2 is the E-Sport to watch right now. With its quick action that combines smart and adaptive strategies, Dota 2 is a joy to observe and the master-moves of the greatest players have already become a thing of legend. But, there is a way how anyone can make Dota 2 experience even more thrilling.