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Gameforge Live is Gameforge’s online gaming platform. With it, all of your games will be just a click away. Gameforge Live will keep you up to date with automatic updates and current news. Gameforge Live provides you with direct access to all dowland metin2 xpub bitcoin favourite games – from any PC and with just a single click!

Current patches and updates will be automatically downloaded so that you always have the latest version. The games can also be launched from Gameforge Live. What’s left for you to do? Simply get playing and have fun! Where can I find Gameforge Live?

You will receive Gameforge Live together with Gameforge’s client games. Can I install Gameforge Live on my Mac or Linux machine? Gameforge Live is currently only available for Windows, but as soon as Gameforge games are available for Mac OS or Linux, so too will a corresponding version of Gameforge Live. Do I have to install Gameforge Live to be able to play one of Gameforge’s games? It makes the download, the installation and the patching of the game much easier. Even launching the game afterwards can be done from Gameforge Live. You will only have to install it once to do all this.