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I’m Garry Visontay, a General Partner at Right Click Capital, a Venture Capital firm that specialises in identifying, investing in and ebooks 101 bitcoin news high-growth internet and technology businesses. Startup Gateway – Is a unique platform for startups to connect with opportunities from VC’s, news, events to training programs. Startup Ranking – World ranking of startups. How to get a job in VC: resources curated by Diversity.

What Makes An Awesome Startup Board Member? At What Point Should Founders Take a Salary From a Startup? What Traction Do I Need To Raise Money? Should You Do A Convertible Not Or An Equity Raise? What Is It Like To Negotiate A VC Round? Are The Deal Terms Australian VC’s Ask For Unfair To Founders?

How Should One Seek Angel Investment For A Startup? How I Killed My Startup Hours Before Closing A Seed Round – T. What Are The Best Books For Startup Growth Hackers? How Do You Define Traction For A Startup? A Stock Option Calculator – How much are my stock options worth? Pitch Decks 101: The Ultimate Guide To Sealing A Deal In The Boardroom – Medium article by Startup.

What Is The Best Way To Explain Your Startup? What’s the Best Advice You Have Been Given As An Entrepreneur? Is There A Common Thread Around Startup Failures? Don’t Be Afraid to Just Sit and Watch. Read the newest ‘Weekend Money Confession. College is a great investment — if you choose the right school. Whatever your target age—60, 55, or even 50—these 12 moves will help you transition away from the daily grind.

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