Esea client bitcoin miner

1m fine for surreptitiously installing a Bitcoin miner in its software. 1m fine upfront, and the rest will be scrubbed if the company has a esea client bitcoin miner record for the next ten years. The company had ‘fessed up in May to an employee using “test code for his own personal gain” to install a GPU-based Bitcoin miner on ESEA game software deployed across 14,000 PCs. 10 to the American Cancer Society.

At the very least your melted GPUs contributed to a good cause,” wrote chief Eric Thunberg in the forum at the time. Though this was an effective mea culpa, the state regulators have decided to make an example out of the company, and so have fined it almost a hundred times the value of its ill-gotten funny money. This case should serve as a message that we are committed to protecting New Jersey consumers, and that we will hold accountable anyone who seeks to exploit them through misleading claims, deceptive practices or the invasion of their computer privacy,” said acting attorney general John Hoffman in a press release. Unfortunately for ESEA, much of the regulator’s announcement seems to misinterpret the way the ESEA client software worked, and levels allegations of privacy compromise at it as well, which ESEA disputes.

The press release issued by the Attorney General about our settlement represents a deep misunderstanding of the facts of the case, the nature of our business, and the technology in question,” ESEA wrote. Moving forward, it is our intent to provide our community with confidence that ESEA will be taking every possible step to protect your privacy. The company plans to roll out a new section on its website that clearly outlines its privacy policy, and is going to conduct regular audits with a “third party specialist” to make sure ESEA is secure. Virgin Galactic and Boom unveil Concorde 2. The Register – Independent news and views for the tech community. PC Games news and reviews from PCGamesN.

Users of the client have reported that their GPUs have overheated and been disabled by the bitcoin mining process. ENJOY ESEA SHEEP’, who noticed unusually high GPU usage on his PC while idle. Upon further investigation, he discovered that his PC had been farming bitcoins for a member of the ESEA community. Thunberg initially credited the exploit to an aborted April Fools’ joke gone wrong. We went back and forth about it, considered doing something for april fools, didn’t get it done in time, and eventually elected to put some test code in the client and try it on a few admin accounts, ours included. We ran the test for a few days on our accounts, decided it wasn’t worth the potential drama, and pulled the plug, or so we thought.

My GPU has been ‘oddly’ running at high loads for at least 2 weeks and I’ve seen others who can confirm this or at worst have already had damage to their cards. It transpired a mining process had been running alongside the ESEA client since April 14. 21 worth of bitcoins for an unknown third party via users’ GPUs. An update in the early hours of this morning removed any trace of the process from the ESEA client. As of yet, there’s no talk of compensation for those customers who’ve suffered from failing PCs. Bitcoin miners are the workers that keep the peer-to-peer online economy afloat. They solve mathematical problems to acquire more coins, and are required as a third-party to approve bitcoin transactions.