Forex and bitcoin

So much so, some forex brokers now offer trading with Bitcoins. Spread: The Spread can be as low as 0. What is it Bitcoin is a forex and bitcoin digital form of currency and uses cryptography which controls the creation and transfer of this currency.

There is no centralized exchange for any transaction to occur with this currency. Any number of Bitcoins can be sent to anyone living anywhere in the world without the intervention of any traditional financial institutions such as banks. A user can get a Bitcoin address by downloading a Bitcoin client. The popular ones are Bitcoin-qt and Multibit. The difference that exists between the two of them is in the size of the blockchain that needs to be downloaded.

A user that wants to download Bitcoin-qt needs about 10 GB Hard disk space. One can get a Bitcoin address also by getting an online wallet. These are specialized websites that offer Bitcoin services. Only a small percentage is maintained online for immediate redemption.