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14 For nearly ten years, Bitcoin has been widely known as an experiment, something new, yet-to-be proven resoundingly successful, and very much in its early stages of development. Whether Bitcoin is still an experiment or not, the rivals of, nominal threats giacomo zucco bitcoin miner, and vitriol for the project compound daily. Separating the inconsequential noise from potentially serious threats to Bitcoin is crucial.

It has opened up this process, which is exactly what the Internet did with the information, and has achieved this through a complex mix of advanced cryptography, distributed systems and game theory. Since it is difficult to distinguish the hype from the real radical innovation of savings, payment systems, financial contracts, notarization and digital assets, a deep and honest understanding become even more crucial. BLOCKCHAINLAB provides recurring and focused reports, synthesizing all of the fundamental knowledge necessary for comprehending this complex ecosystem. We organize monthly meetups with the local blockchain technology community in order to grow and nurture it – exposing it to the most prominent experts and gurus from all over the world. Moreover we attract outstanding international conferences in Milan, attended by the global community. BLOCKCHAINLAB develops Projects and Proofs of Concept covering different industries and business areas by leveraging on the blockchain technology.

We provide strategic and technical advisory – custom tailored for our client’s needs – with an approach to opportunity identification and problem solving, thanks to the vanguard expertise of Lab’s resident and visiting experts. BLOCKCHAINLAB provides with learning on the job internships at the Lab’s structures. During this period the developers can learn and grow their competences through the Lab’s contamination process. From thereon, we help our clients by spotting the most promising profiles in the field and by connecting them to one another. Thanks to our network we are able to get to connect with the various startup teams and thereupon we assist our clients in structuring the best investment deals. Announcing the next Bitcoin Milan Meetup, next Tuesday! We are excited to host the 46th Bitcoin Milan Meetup on Thursday Sept.

Save the date and see you there! For more details, go here, on our meetup website. We are excited to host Tone Vays at the 45th Bitcoin Milan Meetup on Thursday Sept. BHB Network, a research and development reality active in Switzerland as well as in Italy, South Africa and Canada. We are honored to have been among the sponsors of the Breaking Bitcoin conference in Paris You can take a look on the websitehere.

We’ve met bitcoiners coming from all over the globe, we’ve learnt a lot thanks to the high tech quality of the talks. We look forward to more events like this. Giacomo Zucco and Mir Liponi have been invited to three important meetups this summer, hosted respectively in Zurich, Munich and Los Angeles presenting BHB Network works and projects and spreading the word about bitcoin and blockchain technology. You can find their talks in Zurich here and here.

44th Bitcoin Milan Meetup, along with their outstanding presentations: Wednesday, July 19th, h. The article wrote by our CEO Giacomo Zucco is a must read if you want to be updated about the UASF, the BIP 148 and what is going on in the bitcoin world now. Our Chief Expert Officer, Mir Liponi, gave an overarching presentation about BHBnetwork, the blockchain technology and the best use cases during the first blockchain roma meetup. If you want to see the full video, go here. Kevin Loaec of Chainsmiths, along with Nicolas Bacca, CTO of Ledger and Philippe Rodriguez. 43th Bitcoin Milan Meetup will be on Wednesday, June 14th, h.

Special guest will be Roasbeef, Bitcoin Engineer and Cofounder of Lightning Labs. Palazzo Parigi in Milan about the business value of the cryptocurrencies for the financial ecosystem. Yesterday we hosted the 42nd Bitcoin Milan Meetup with Thomas Bertani of Oraclize, Riccardo Casatta of Eternity Wall, Andrew Poelstra of Blockstream and core dev Peter Todd. Rainews interviewed Marco Amadori, CEO of one our incubated startup INBITCOIN, Peter Todd and David Vorick guests of our 40th Milan Bitcoin Meetup, quoting us and our lab. Don’t miss out, here is the full video in Italian.

Bocconi University what blockchain and bitcoin are, what are the real use cases and the Italian blockchain ecosystem. Next Bitcoin Milan Meetup will be on Wednesday 10th of May, h. See you there, or online here from 7. Our incubated startup Eternity Wall just completed an important POC for our client Intesa Sanpaolo that uses opentimestamps standard. This is one of the best and realistic blockchain use case, for more details, read coindesk article here, and go to opentimestamps site here. During our 41st Bitcoin Milan Meetup we had as our special guest, Christopher Allen, principal architect at Blockstream, who talked about self-sovereign identity. If you missed it, here you can find the full video.

40th Milan Bitcoin Meetup: we shared contents, ideas, great projects. We’re growing everytime, thanks to everyone who decided to participate, thanks to our amazing international guests: Paul Stzorc, Peter Todd, Riccardo Spagni and David Vorick. The 39th bitcoin Milan meetup, took place on February 22nd with Christian Decker, Ph. D, infrastructure Tech Engineer at Blockstream, as our guest. Christian was able to explain us how the Lightning Network works in a generous, clear and deep way. If you could not be able to attend our meetup, here you can find the video. We are very excited about the Alpha Release of the Lightning Network Daemon and honored to be quoted among the contributors.