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NEW: LTC Faucet with many ways to earn! The need for legends, mysteries – is the foundation of http bitcoin faucet eu culture and identity, regardless of where it resides or is doing.

Legends were created as large groups of people, such as religious communities, as well as small, such as the Order or clans. Past Millennium did not deprive people of interest and desire to create new myths. Although careful consideration of all of this goes beyond the simple mystery or myth. Satoshi Nakamoto, it belongs to him first place in the creation of an entirely new community of people, the basis of which he put by his basic principles.

It is on this basis and to cooperate. Create and develop a system, he left her and  disappeared. It is the legend of Satoshi, making this a purely mechanical process anything more than primitive making money doing something other than just a new financial system. Technologies underlying Bitcoins, allow people to have more confidence in each other, cooperate and develop.

It is difficult to predict what will grow from Satoshi Nakamoto myth, but would very much like it was the first step, the first step into a new future of mankind. There is no single decision on how to interpret Bitcoin, therefore, different countries have different legal status for this crypto-currency, from tax-free usage to a total ban. The decentralized and anonymous nature of Bitcoin provokes the high attention to it from regulatory agencies. For example, as early as 2012, the FBI voiced its suspicions about using crypto-currency in money laundering and illegal goods purchase.