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This is our definitive guide to Cold Storage. What is a Trezor and a Cryptosteel? Portability: Trezor is small and easy-to-use. It can be connected to any Windows, Linux or Mac machine as an external device. You can use it anywhere in the world with any machine. This means you can use your favorite wallet service with your Trezor.

You can link it with a desktop wallet, and use it for transaction authentication. Durability: Cryptosteel is built with a fire-proof, corrosion-proof, acid-resistant, virtually indestructible stainless steel artifact that will keep your bitcoin keys safe from disasters. It’s used to store your recovery passphrase, which can be used to retrieve the contents of your Bitcoin wallet at any time. Get Trezor- The Bitcoin Safe Buy a Trezor  and a Cryptosteel , Click Here. When you receive your Trezor it will come with a holographic seal, this ensures that the contents of the package were not tampered with in transit. Installing your Trezor Device Once you’ve received your Trezor, the next step is to install it. You should see a welcome page with a device label.