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If one has no idea of who and what is VAT69, you don’t know history and should have done your research before questioning why allow police to handle first and not the army. The answer to several other issues raised and hurled by the public and rudely expressed by opposition cybertroopers on the intrusion by the so-called Royal Army of Sulu lupah bitcoin news addressed in yesterday’s posting .

Strange that some opposition members support Sulu Sultanate claim on Sabah. There is an excellent posting done with academic references by blog Andak Jauhar. The posting is in Malay, so those Malaysians can go and read it here. For the rest, including Malaysian incapable of reading the national language because there are those that secured their citizenship by corrupting NRD officers as revealed in the Sabah RCI and use political pressure through demonstrations despite do not qualify, there will be a translated English version. Our word to those propagandist and opposition cybertroopers working on over time to ridicule our boys that is defending the country against intruders. ABS-CBN News melaporkan seorang pegawai tentera Filipina memberitahu Reuters bahawa kumpulan penceroboh telah diundang seorang ahli politik pembangkang.

Who is the one who gave it? Does it imply that Philippines is manipulating the Sulu Sultanate to claim Sabah? Philippines reportedly has started ‘Operation Merdeka’ in 1967, a military operation to train troops and commandos of the Tausug and Sama ethnic Muslim to create instability and chaos in Sabah. However, as soon as it was known that the operation was to fight against a government led by Muslims, ethnic Tausug and Sama trainees demanded to return. It was reported that 11 to 64 people were shot dead. First, the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu received ‘cession money’ until today.