Minabe satoshi bitcoin

It has been only 9 weeks since the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, and we are again discussing another Bitcoin hard fork. And for those of you who aren’t aware of the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork, pay attention. In this article, I intend minabe satoshi bitcoin cover everything you need to know about the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork and how to prepare and benefit from it by doubling you coin holdings. Some of you may think this is a good thing as your value will also double!

It will be a fork of the original Bitcoin that Satoshi Nakamoto invented in 2008. Bitcoin Gold is a community-activated hard fork of Bitcoin to make mining decentralized again. At present, there is very little information available about the technical know-how of this fork because their website is under development. Who Is Doing This Fork And When Is It Happening? Bitcoin Gold is also a real blockchain to pilot Bitcoin upgrades.

As per their official website, the exact time is not yet known for this fork. This is a community-driven hard fork without any consensus voting. It is primarily being driven by a few who believe that the original Bitcoin mining system has become centralized and is monopolized by a handful of mining companies. They believe this because of ASIC miners which provide a very strong entry barrier for an average user or miner like you and me.