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By clicking here I agree to receive periodic emails with offers and promotional marketing messages from Swagbucks. Put cash back in your wallet! Other trademarks appearing on this site are property of their respective owners, which do not endorse and are not affiliated with Swagbucks or its promotions. Newsletters are sent out twice a month and feature special offers, news and account updates about Swagbucks. In this, my third installment about President Donald J. Jupiter to Mars, the combination forms an auspicious Akriti Ardha-Chandra Yoga which suggests strong leadership, honor, and courage. It also usually points to the buildup of a strong military.

The Moon in the seventh house is in Durudhara Yoga hemmed in by Jupiter and Saturn in the sixth and eighth houses. This is a propitious combination that supports the Moon and the seventh house and indicates prosperity and charitable action by and for the people. The tenth and eleventh houses both indicate the Congress. The tenth also tells something about foreign trade and the overall well-being of the nation.

Ubhayachari Yoga and Shubha Kartari Yoga, combinations that reveal strength and fortune to the tenth house and the Sun. Sun, in exact trine to Jupiter, reflecting further protection, success, and some grace shining down on the nation. This is a rare astrological event that happens only in about eight percent of astrological charts, and it does not always happen in every year. It is actually quite common in the charts of US presidents and represents tremendous persistence, focus, and optimism. This year’s cycle APDM runs from January 8 to February 6, 2017.

Avastha, in which the last six degrees of an even sign are considered in extremis. It’s in a brand new territory, like the Fool in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, which is a symbol of infinite possibilities, but there is a caution here too as in the need of the new administration and the people fighting against it to be careful to avoid missteps. This brings to mind the Trump detractors who believe that he is out of touch and diabolical, versus the Trump supporters who look to the detractors as being delusional and pretentious. Purvabhadrapada nakshatra is ruled by Aja Ekapad, a devil-like character, and also Lord Rudra, God of the Storm, and is associated with the front legs of a funeral cot which all can indicate, as I have seen elsewhere in the chart, a possibility of some difficult cathartic collective karma ahead within the next four years.

Yet, Mars in this nakshatra almost undoubtedly signifies enormous economic and other kinds of gains in President Trump’s term of office. The eighth house is an effective house for Mr. Mundane astrologers often surmise that this can indicate danger of a major world war. However, this is not so clear to me. Mars is in the eleventh house of the bhava chart and twelfth house of the rashi chakra.

Though I interpret Mars as in the eleventh house, Uranus is in fact in the twelfth house, a bit less than thirty degrees away from the ascendant. Uranus is in an auspicious and idealistic aspect opposite Jupiter, and this is in place from late 2016 through much of 2017 indicating major new plans and reforms. The upheaval already occurring between the new administration and national intelligence agencies is reflected by this Uranus placement. With the Pluto-Uranus aspect, zealots hostile to the government in power will do anything and everything to destabilize it. Secret enemies could cause tremendous harm to the nation and the people on a lot of levels.

There will be much civil unrest. Uranus in the twelfth house has at times indicated strong damaging earthquakes and prison riots, as well as epidemics or attacks from foreign enemies. Saturn is another wild card in this chart as he is strong at the end of a sign in the 29th degree of Scorpio but weak in the eighth house of the chart. I looked at Saturn’s house placements using more than 30 different ayanamshas, which are the calculations used to determine the sidereal zodiac signs.