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What is inheritance tax, how do people avoid paying it and when is it taken from an estate? Just 20 technicians work at the facility building 70 Chirons a year. This is the ultimate ‘Through the Key Hole’ photoshoot for petrol heads. Hypercar maker Bugatti has delivered an exclusive behind the scenes tour of it’s ultra-advanced car plant – and the facility is so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor. According to Bugatti, it takes 20 employees six months to hand build each of the 1,479bhp vehicles without a conveyor belt or robot in sight – no mean feat when you consider every car is made up of 1,800 individual parts. Right now, 12 of the super sports cars are in the process of being created at the production facility – and that’s it working totally flat out. The images show a timeline of the build cycle, including photos of the stringent acceptance tests and quality controls before the cars are shipped to customers.

Every component is constructed by hand and there are no robots in sight. Each example is subject to a unique specification determined by the owner, so 20 staff members are working to very different and equally very strict request sheets on every single model. This includes any of 23 standard topcoat colours and eight carbon variants for the exterior, while buyers would have also sifted through a brochure of 31 different leather and eight Alcantara colours before making a decision on the cabin design. Oh, there are also 30 stitching, 18 carpet and 11 belt colours to choose from too. One of the most striking design elements of the Chiron is the side panel, with a large curving reverse ‘C’ wrapping around the door via the A pillar. The process revealed by Bugatti highlights the painstaking work going into the build of each of the hypercars and goes some way to explaining why buyers are willing to stump up such a high price for this exclusive piece of motoring art. It takes the skilled craftsmen a total of three days to fit the interior parts.