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KUWAIT: Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Khaled Al-Rabee turkey bitcoin is pictured during his visit to the administration of elections affairs. Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah said yesterday.

Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled paid a visit to the administration of elections affairs to oversee preparations for the forthcoming elections, a statement issued by the ministry noted. Speaking on these consultations, he said it is incumbent upon the nation’s security apparatus to uphold the law, adding that the country’s leadership is adamant that this democratic event would go off without a hitch. Moreover, the Interior Minister said that the MoI will spare no effort to ensure seamless and successful elections, noting that the world will be watching this democratic spectacle unfold. He also urged all hopefuls standing for elections to keep the nation’s best interests at heart.

Candidates contesting upcoming parliamentary elections slated for November 26th continued to file their candidacies on Wednesday, as some 36 candidates have registered to join the race. The First Constituency yielded the following four candidates: Ibrahim Al-Kandari, Hussein Al-Bahrani, Issa Al-Ostath and Yousef Al-Baloushi. Meanwhile, Khaled Dehrab and Jassim Shemsa registered in the Third Constituency, while Ahmad Abdullah, Bader Al-Jassar, Hussein Al-Daihani, Hamad Al-Shimmeri, Khalaf Al-Arbid, Rabee Al-Bughaili and Mutlaq Al-Enezi registered in the Fourth Constituency. The fifth Constituency churned out the lion’s share of candidates of the day in Bader Al-Attiya, Hassan Al-Otaibi, Humoud Al-Kuthair, Saeed Al-Muri, Talal Al-Mutairi, Ayidh Al-Otaibi, Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Abdulhadi Ahmadi, Fahad Al-Azmi, Mohmmad Al-Doussari, Mohammad Al-Sawagh, Mutlaq Al-Otaibi, Mutlaq Ghazi Al-Otaibi, Nasser Al-Doussari, Nawaf Al-Otaibi and Yousef Al-Mazidi. Babies are the blessings of God, since God created Adam and Eve the history naming the humans started. The girls are blessings of God. Choosing a girl’s unique name can be a easy job, here is the list of Muslim name for baby girl with their meanings.

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Name of the wife of Prophet Adam. Thoughts are the greatest wealth of any nation. Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya, the Chief Prosecutor of Turkey petitioned the Turkish Contitution Court on the evening of Friday, 14th March, 2008 asking the court to close down the ruling Justice and Development Party, the AKP and ban its political activities along with 71 of its politicians, especially the republic’s president Abdullah Gul, Recep Tayyip Erdugan, the Prime Minister, former speaker of the parliament Bulent Arinsh for 5 years. Under the authority vested with the chief prosecutor office in the constituion court, he monitors the activities of the political parties, their statements as well as the activities of their leaders.

He studies their compliance with the constitution as well as the pricicples on which the republic is founded. The chief prosecutor documents and archives all statements and press releases issued by these political parties and their leaders. As is known, the AKP ever since its inception in 2001 has been under the scrutiny of the chief prosecutor. According to the information released by the media, the petition submitted by the chief prosecutor comprisng 160 pages cites the violations committed by the AKP and its hostility to secularism. The chief prosecutor has accused the AKP of targeting the secular foundations of the republic aimed at forming a state based on religion.

Constitution Court admits the petition, it will allow a period of one month to the AKP to defend itself and the AKP reserves its right to seek to extend this period by another two months if it finds the initial period of one month insufficient. This will follow with oral arguments by the chief prosecutor and the lawyer for the AKP. Both the parties will present their oral and written arguments and documents to the court which will then study and scrutinise these for several months. Welfare Party in 1998 ran for 7 months and the one against the Virtue Party in 2001 continued for 8 months. AKP, like issuing a warning or stopping the state’s financial funding to the parties.

The court may also pass penalising orders against individuals. All this is a possibility if the court is able to complete the legal procedures to its conclusion. The decision to petition the court for closure of the AKP reflects the ongoing tussle between the US and the British in Turkey and is very much in evidence politically in certain establishments. That this tussle has reached such proportions points to danger, to take this matter against the ruling AKP which enjoys popular support and threaten it with closure is a stern warning to it. To close down a political party is the last possible resort under from a legal point of view. First: The passing of the law allowing wearing of the Khimar and the presdential ratification, this has been cited in the petition submitted to the Constitution Court. Second: The more important one, is that the Turkish armed forces were shaken in their cross border military operation and failed to acheive the desired results from it and had to contend with simple booty!

Thus this petition the Constitution Court is a reaction to their failure on these two events, on the other hand the petition is also tantamount to a warning to the AKP for its future course of action. However these two are not the only factors behind this petition, they simply contributed to hastening the process. Development Party is nearing its end, while on the other hand the US is preoccupied with its presedntial elections. Then there are other contributing factors as well.