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Janet, FYI, you need a blank line before your code sections. Or just highlight them and click the 1010 button. There’s a few ways to do this depending on how you want to hold the value. You can use basic string formatting, e.

However, since you’re dealing with money you should look into the decimal module which has a cool method named quantize which is exactly for working with monetary applications. Note that the rounding attribute is purely optional as well. I am getting older, after all, so that might be going the same way as my once-sharp memory! I confirmed it hasn’t, yet, by using, as I imagine you are, Python 3. I imagine you first had the typo occur in transcription, and then mentally computed the desired rounding from the falsified-by-typo 2. 607 rather than the actual original result — is that what happened? It sure managed to confuse me for a while!