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Receive all Bitcoinist news in Telegram! Redwood City Ventures is a new name in the Bitcoin industry sean walsh bitcoin value people are just starting to see some of their work appearing. RWCV are focusing on helping different companies and startups that are trying to bring collaboration between the US and Chinese companies to the Bitcoin ecosystem. One of the first ventures that people are seeing is blockC.

Also Read: Are Electronic Tattoos The Future of Bitcoin Payments? Could you first give Bitcoinist some background on Redwood City Ventures? To date, I’ve made angel investments into two Bitcoin ventures, the most notable being blockC. One of my goals with Redwood City Ventures is to facilitate partnerships, and cross-border investments between China and the US.

For a couple of reasons, the two econsystems are particularly well suited to this. We’ve already seen many industry examples of China-US collaboration. In fact, the appetite on both sides is quite high. To wit, I’ve received a growing number of inquiries from Chinese investors, and investment managers in recent months. Frankly, it makes perfect sense, given the complimentary aspects of our two countries, economies, and Bitcoin ecosystems. Formal fundraising for RWCV Fund 1 has not yet begun. We plan to begin after the Chinese New Year.

One never knows what to expect, but if these early signs are indicative, we will achieve a successful outcome. Business relations between the US and Chinese Bitcoin companies are difficult at the best of times to bring to fruition. What are things Redwood City Ventures can bring to the table to facilitate new ventures in the Bitcoin industry across these borders? I think that characterization is overly harsh.

My experience with China-US collaboration is actually quite positive. Of course, there are significant language and cultural barriers. Frankly, even the 14-15 hour time difference is difficult. However, beneath these superficial challenges, I believe the appetite for cooperation is enormous. Plus, some of the various government incentives are quite appealing, like certain US Visa Classifications available to Chinese nationals. In any business partnership, the most valuable asset is trust.