Tesla m1060 bitcoin chart

Each month, writers at Schroders pull together the most intriguing charts tesla m1060 bitcoin chart the month. The US came to a standstill on 21 August as people looked skyward to witness a remarkable solar eclipse. But as the moon blocked the sun it also temporarily blocked solar energy production. As the chart highlights, installed capacity is not always available for distribution.

Solar production varies by the weather and time of day. Although California State experienced only a partial eclipse on 21 August, the impact on solar energy production was marked. Ahead of the eclipse, CAISO estimated this would likely result in a loss of around 4,194MW of solar power production. The grid operator had spent a year planning for the event, in order to ensure it could offset this impact and still meet electricity demand. At the time of the last US eclipse in 1979, no solar generation was connected to the California grid.

Asian equities bolstered by weak dollar US dollar weakness is usually a positive signal for Asian stockmarket performance. It generally results in an increase in capital inflows, boosting demand for stocks in the region. Recent weakness in the greenback has seen the dollar index fall -8. The MSCI AC Asia ex Japan index has seen gains of 28. It remains to be seen how long this run can last and whether it will reverse on the back of renewed US dollar strength or more hawkish signs on rates from the Federal Reserve. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated.

Bullish Bitcoin bets build Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, is still relatively new and not necessarily widely understood. It is defined as an open source peer-to-peer currency and a digital payment system. It operates without any central authority, bank or administrator, with payments processed directly between participants on an open network. Its origins are also somewhat murky.