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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Not much has been revealed about Stroh personally besides the fact that thrown away bitcoin wallet was a skilled defense attorney. He specialized in defending accused sex offenders, arguing that because they are labeled as such for the rest of their lives if found guilty they deserve the best possible defense.

Among his clients was Chris Dunlap, whom he defended twice for sex crimes against children and who was desperate for money to obey his mother’s wishes and “fix his face”. Though Dunlap wasn’t happy about it, he felt obliged to help him to repay him for keeping him out of prison. On his attempted seventh rape, the victim, Jessica Goodall, fought back too much and eventually he was forced to kill her before he could rape her and flee, leaving his partner behind. When his partner was captured Stroh marched to his side and used this as an opportunity to look at all the evidence they had on him.

While going through the evidence he discovered one of his victims, Lauren Clark, could I. After this Brenda started stalking him everyday to try and catch him while he was taking a break from raping for awhile. He eventually started up again without Brenda’s knowledge because this time he killed his victims and buried them where no one would go looking. But eventually her harassment was enough so he decided to join his colleague, Peter Goldman’s lawsuit against her which eventually forced her bosses to have her reel back.

Eventually he was suspected of another rape-murder when a woman named Gweneth Adler turns up dead in a hotel room. The room is registered to a man named George Harris, a man arrested for rape twelve months prior, though the DA declined to prosecute him because the victim went missing. Further investigation shows that both women drank at a bar called Stella’s before the rapes. It was later discovered that Stroh defended him against these charges and was suspected to be George’s partner-in-crime. They eventually found the other woman George was accused of raping named Natalie Gilbert and try to get her to identify Stroh as George’s partner.