Ubuntu bitcoin ticker

Ask ubuntu bitcoin ticker about this gadget on the official gadget thread on the Bitcoin forum. Read usage instructions or advanced usage tips.

Updates Sign up to be notified about gadget updates. I probably hate spam more than you. Your e-mail will be used only to notify you about occasional updates. It won’t be shared or sold. As of 2nd November 2017, Yahoo! Finance has unexpectedly shut down the API this gadget was using for currency conversions.

If you’re using “Target currency” field you’re affected. Gadget is updated with a different conversion API, please download a new version below. Do you ask yourself these questions? How can I watch the bitcoin exchange rate? What amount of bitcoins have I mined, but not yet transferred to my wallet, and how much are they worth?

How many bitcoins do I currently have, both unpaid in pools and in my wallet, and how much USD can I get for it? How many total bitcoins did I mine since I started mining? This is where you can, for example, enter total amount of the bitcoins you bought if you wish it to be included in the sum, or simply use it as a bitcoin calculator. The only thing you need to know is URL and JSON keys.